A Fresh Start for 2015

How each year goes by and the speed seems faster year on year although we know by fact that the speed does not change. So how did we all get that perception that it went faster?

What led us to remark that time seems to fly by faster? I guess it was about what we did not manage to achieve that led us to make that remark. In essence, our clocks and watches (and these days, our mobile phones) remained the same speed as before. So time has not moved faster, only our mental perception of time has. Our minds placed our events with a different time shifted schedule that gave us the notion that time seemed to be faster and we ended up feeling that was the reason for us to fall behind our schedules.   Similarly, I had also heard of others remarking that time was slowing down. For them, they would remark that each day becomes a drag or that Friday seemed to take longer to arrive. So it was how our individual minds placed events with schedules from the perspective of what we did or did not do, that led us to think whether it was fast or slow,

I am not an expert on how the mind works and only sharing from a perspective that how and what we occupy our minds with, will then affect how we view whether time is fast or slow. If we set our minds on things that are positive, we will eventually end up with a positive outcome and with value. Since that outcome will be worthwhile, it will aspire us to want to get it done and to do it in time. We will consciously plan and find ways and see to it that it gets done soonest possible. As we see positive outcomes, we will likely feel that our time is well spent and will be less likely to use time as the reason for our failures. If we fail to plan, we plan to fail…. the pace of time does not change, only our perception of time do.

The year 2014 has just passed and with a twinkling of our eye, we are now in 2015. Whether the year is good depends on how we set out to do things with our mind. May we all have a fresh start in 2015 by setting our minds with hopeful, meaningful and value-adding initiatives to do the right things right the first time.   We may need to strengthen our processes, our people, our systems and structures to make things better. Our complacency can cause us irrecoverable losses and it is always better to prevent than to correct. So time will continue to tick the same way it has been ticking and each tick may mean a missed opportunity to do something right.

My appreciation to all who have taken the time to at least browse through my site and may 2015 be a blessed and worthwhile year for you and family!

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