The Will to Fly Together

There were three recent flights that I had made that prompted me to write about the airplane.  Despite the sheer size of the airplane carrying hundreds of passengers, it was amazing that we could get into the air within seconds and stayed in flight for as long as fourteen hours (dependent on type of aircraft).

When man first aspired to be in the air, there were many wild ideas explored and eventually the hot air balloon was invented.  However, they could not control its direction and was dependent on where the wind was taking it.  Then gliders were invented and when added with a tail as rudder to control its direction and height, man started to stay in the air and with some control of its direction.  Engines were then added that allowed it to stay longer in the sky.  Thereafter, several other innovations were made to its design as a result of persevering to find ways to keep adding value to the experience of being in the air.

Are you facing frustrations at your workplace?  No matter what you do to get rid of events that frustrated you, they seemed to keep coming back.  It is how you respond to these events that determine the end results.  How we engage a situation that we are in, will determine how that situation will turn out.  As long as our mindset is to turn that situation to our favour, making that situation a win/win for all, we will have that extra energy to come out of it victorious.

My team would constantly be confronted with requests to hire the right people, and to hire them fast!  While there were situations when my team felt that the numbers required were already fulfilled, the requests persisted.  In some cases, we were challenged on whether our numbers were correct and that we might not be updated on the changes to the headcount requirement.  The team could ignore the urgent requests by stating that the team was not given enough notices.  The team would then frustrate the requesters and in turn be frustrated because complaints against the team would be raised and may be escalated to senior management.  It would then be a lose/lose situation.

If each side removed their will to be right and accommodated each other, then the matter will be resolved easily.  That is why it is important to collaborate and get into a win/win situation.  It cannot be done if only one side aspire to think win/win while the other side does not.  So leaders come in to ensure that their respective staff think win/win.  Leaders act to propagate such thinking and set themselves as examples for their staff to follow.  Both sides must persevere to work out a win/win situation and look towards the hope of both gaining at the end.  There will be iterations of such efforts and eventually, both will come up with ways of working (designs) that meet their respective needs.  Both will then soar to greater heights and enjoy the values created.

May we all aspire to fly with each other higher and longer and reach our destinations with the most pleasant comfort and with great joy!

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