A Fresh Start

IMG_4352Getting back into corporate world was exciting, especially since being away from it for about two years.  The sabbatical that I had used for equipping me pays off as it had molded me to see issues as opportunities rather than problems.

As a new HR leader in my current employment, I have to be sensitive to every stakeholder’s definition of value.  References would be made about past HR practices that seem more effective compared to current state. My predecessor might have structured the HR team differently from the past to address some areas of improvement, however, there could also be some areas that was not executed well due to the new structure too.

The current HR team would have to go through a phase of mindset changes and adapt themselves to embrace the change.  As long as all the HR team members acknowledge that there are gaps in our service deliveries to our internal clients, then we will have higher chances of success in the HR transformation process.

In paper folding, if I take a current completed product and do too much unfolding, the end result will be a weakened object, or the paper might just tear at the fold lines that had too much stress on it.  Being an open listener to the various stakeholders enables me to take appropriate measures to make the necessary changes with a win/win outcome.

It has been a month of gathering and digesting information about the current state and it is time to make calculated decisions to deliver value to our stakeholders.  The HR team will need to believe in each other’s worth and collaborate as an effective team and not in SILOs.  It will need to have changes in roles and ways of working to be more aligned with the internal customer’s expectations.  The team will need to look out for each other as one cohesive team that lives by the company’s values and be exemplary to others.

I look forward to having a fresh start each day at the workplace.  That whatever negative or unpleasant experiences have transpired in the past is removed. Renewing each day with an attitude of desiring to add value to all and doing the right things right.

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