Shape Your Staff

EagleFlying Eagle  It has been awhile since I last posted an article.  Had been busy with several meetings and preparations for the chinese lunar new year.  Hope to get back to the momentum of writing again.  Will do one that relates to a company’s logo that I recently visited….a logo with a bald eagle.

The bald eagle is certainly one of the finest and famous bird and to have it designed into an origami model with the right colour changes is impressive.  My compliments to the designer, Quentin Trollip, and his book, Origami Sequence, from which I was able to follow its clear instructions to fold this.

There are about 130 steps, starting out with pleat folding of 40 vertical folds on piece of square paper (the completed model is one-eighth the dimension of the square). The pleats provide the structure for creating the claws, the body, the wings and tails. It is indeed a piece of art that I will hang below my car’s rear view mirror.

One of the reasons for achieving the fold proportionately and that it look like the bald eagle was because I maintained a vision of this magnificent bird.  As I fold, I imagined the eagle in flight and diving down to catch its prey.  Managing people requires us to have a vision of what we want them to be transformed into, granted that we have correctly selected them because of that potential. We need to be constantly mindful that we hired them for creating value in the company and we are accountable to ensure that they will succeed in it.  As people managers, we are given the important task of shaping them correctly to be the showcase and pride of the company.

Perhaps the following questions will help get you back to the important role of shaping your staff:

–  Did you spent time with your staff regularly?

–  Did you focus on his development needs?

–  Did you take your staff for granted or shown him your appreciation for the work done?

–  Did you try to understand him when you had a disagreement with him?

–  Did you notice that you only dealt with your staff only as a boss and lacked the friendship element?

–  Did you actively work on shaping your staff to add value to your company?

Well, it is never too late to work on them.

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